We help nonprofit organizations get what they need for free or at a nominal fee.

Supporting them supports the people they serve.

Together we can do more good.


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Introducing Goods Bank NEO Resource Exchange

Connecting organizations and their used goods directly with other organizations in need.

Our Story

Working Together for Greater Good

People in our community need our help. Many struggle every day to provide basic necessities for their families and themselves. As needs increase, nonprofit resources become more limited. Goods Bank NEO bridges the gap by providing new, quality goods donated by generous companies to people in need and the organizations that serve them.

We look forward to a future when everyone in our community can thrive without assistance. Until then, we will work to get people what they need and reduce waste in the process.

It’s about working together as companies, nonprofits, individuals and a community to make a greater impact.

Filling the Need by Bridging the Gap

We help nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations provide new goods to the people they serve or use them to support their operations, all for a nominal handling fee.

The result? Budgets and donations go further. Organizations can help more people. The impact on our community increases.


Funding is always short; resources are limited. Let us help you stretch yours, that’s our mission.


From overstock to leftover swag, we make it easy for you to donate your new goods to do good in our community.


We need lots of support–from helping at our warehouse, to collection drives of new items, to financial contributions.

Mission Statement

GBNEO is a community resource center dedicated to stretching the impact of nonprofit organizations by providing products at nominal cost. 

Goods Bank NEO is a designated Community Redistribution Partner of Good360, a global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, and Toys for Tots.