Resource Exchange

What is it?

The Resource Exchange is a free online marketplace that connects goods to the people who need them most. While we offer new goods in our warehouse, this is the platform to exchange used goods directly between two entities.

Why is the Goods Bank offering this?

This allows us to further match resources between businesses and the community.

Through the Resource Exchange, nonprofits will have access to used items and things we can’t accommodate at our warehouse. The Resource Exchange serves as a direct connection.

How does it work?

Users can both offer and receive items.

The transactions and communication are all on the platform between the donor and the receiver, which makes the process smooth and easy.

What happens after sign up?

1. Visit using your work affiliated email address

2. Create a login and password

3. Begin to peruse other listings and start to create your own, if you wish.

Who can sign up?





Entities of any kind