Why Goods Bank NEO ?

We help nonprofit organizations  secure new products at a nominal fee.

Supporting them supports the people they serve.

Imagine a world where everyone has everything they need to thrive in life.

Where opportunity truly is open to everyone and people’s basic needs are met, freeing them to focus on their hopes and dreams for the future. Where it’s possible to enhance their lives and those around them.

Imagine a world where everyone experiences dignity in their daily lives. 

Where people don’t have to make unimaginable choices between meeting life’s basic needs such as hygiene products, clean clothes, reading glasses, a bed to sleep in or shoes that fit their children as they grow.

Where they are empowered and have the energy to consider and pursue brighter futures.

Imagine a world where nonprofit organizations can buy necessities to operate without compromising resources to support the people they serve.

Imagine a world where companies easily can divert new, quality products destined for landfills to nonprofit organizations and people in need.

We see this world and are working to make it a reality by helping those who help others.

Goods Bank NEO helps bridge the gap between those able to give and those in need of support.

For the community

We enable the community to thrive, be more resilient and help ensure no one is left behind.

For the people

We enable people in need to receive new household goods and basic necessities so they can worry less about simply surviving day-to-day and build hope for their families’ futures.

Sustaining the environment

We enable companies to donate new and overstock goods that otherwise would be scrapped as waste and destined for a landfill.

Supporting nonprofits

We enable nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations to access at a nominal handling fee the new, quality goods companies donate.



Judy Payne, Founder 

Scott Garson, Founding Board Chair


Andre Bryan, Managing Partner, BridgePort Group

Cory Cottrill,  Manager, Technical Solutions, Swagelok

Scott Garson, community leader and retired commercial realtor

Barbara Langhenry, recently retired Law Director, city of Cleveland

Carolina Masri, former Executive Director, MedWish International

Josh Mayers, Senior Vice President, KeyBank Real Estate Capital

Jalene Pardon, Accountant, The Center for Black Health and Equity

Judy Payne, Co-founder and former Executive Director, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank

Eileen Saffran, Founder and former CEO, The Gathering Place and Founder and CEO of MTNStrategies  


Michelle Walsh, Executive Director

Andrew Bidwell, Member Relations and Volunteer Manager

Khayree Davis, Warehouse Coordinator

Hear from our community:

Goods Bank on WKYC’s We The People

On a recent episode of WKYC's We The People, host Kierra Cotton sat down with Judy Payne, founder and executive director of Goods BankNEO, and Scott Garson, founding board chair.   During the segment, they talked about the founding of Goods Bank NEO and its mission to help non profit organizations. They also discussed how Goods Bank operates, and how it has helped countless organizations.   This was a great opportunity for Goods BankNEO to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about its work. Thanks to Judy and Scott's appearances, more non profit organizations will now know about Goods Bank and what it can do for them.   Watch the video here.

Famicos Foundation Feedback

THIS! This is why we are excited to establish the Goods Bank NEO for nonprofits, schools and faith organizations. We look forward to making a difference!

Kate Lodge – YWCA Greater Cleveland

“Our community has many providers who individually attend to the dignity of people experiencing homelessness on their own, trying to find the best prices for basic necessities. There are items such as hygiene products that are needed in all of our shelters and in street outreach and drop in centers.  Many times, we depend on the goodness of strangers to step up and help us with our wish lists.  Now, enter Goods Bank NEO who is presenting an opportunity for us to get what we need at nominal cost –those items so essential for the providers to live up to our value of dignity for those we serve.” Kate Lodge Executive Director A Place 4 Me,YWCA Greater Cleveland

Maureen Powers – Joseph House of Cleveland

“This is amazing that you are starting the Goods Bank NEO.  There is a definite need for this type of support.   I am excited for its start and will look forward to hearing about it. ” Maureen S. Powers Director of Operations Joseph House of Cleveland